How to Keep Car Battery Alive in Winter

Is your car battery ready for winter? There are important steps you can take to make sure it’s ready for the cold weather months. Here are some of the most important steps to keep your

Power Genix Systems unit running during winter:


  1. Prepare the vehicle

Make sure to prepare your vehicle and battery for the winter months. Check the car battery’s terminals and cables. Clean off corrosion and also replace old parts. This is also a great time to apply dialectic grease in order to prevent more corrosion. Then just put on some alligator clips.


If you want to be fancy you can install a quick disconnect. Just make sure the charger is off/unplugged before you make the connections.


  1. Start with the right equipment

Starting with the right equipment will help to keep your battery up and running during the frigid winter months. An effective battery charger has a lower price tag than purchasing a brand new shiny battery each year.


In other words: juice up your charger right! Make sure to start out with a quality charger so the process is done right. Avoid buying a cheap charger. It’ better to select a unit that has a storage, flor, or maintenance charge mode. These are “tenders.” These chargers are ideal for long-term vehicle storage or winter lay=up.


  1. Charge/test

When the vehicle first starts up the tender could be in charge mode for a few days. However, the tender should then move to storage mode. That’s usually shown by a light located on the tender.


If that doesn’t happen or there are questions if the charger is working, a multimeter can be used to verify the charge’s state. Simply disconnect the charger prior to testing.


These are some of the most important Power Genix Systems tips for preparing your car engine for Jack Frost.